“The Blue Hue” – Episode 4, 27th March – Dublin to Tralee – Dublin Video

published: 2019-03-31 18:00:03

Today Geoff & Vicki’s travels take them to the other side of Ireland, starting in Dublin and then going west across country to Tralee. Geoff is very excited to be on a Proper Train and Vicki gets her castle fix in Killarney. But although it’s another beautiful day, they can’t quite shake the blues…

Travelling to all 198 railway stations in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Vicki and Geoff are taking All The Stations international! The duo will embark on a journey to visit all 198 railways stations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

All The Stations – Ireland will explore the length and breadth of the Iarnród Éireann and Northern Ireland Railways networks. Along the way, Vicki and Geoff will meet the communities connected to the lines, interviewing local people and those who work on the railways, to find out about their experiences of travelling by train.

To The Book – Our book, The Railway Adventures, is published by September Publishing and was released in October 2018. It accompanies our 2017 All The Stations adventure, when we travelled to every single railway station in Great Britain.

It is available here: http://www.amzn.com/1910463876

Watch the original Dublin Video here

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  1. Looks a lot nicer than Euston lol

  2. The moment of the say I'm looking forward to

  3. Damn the blue feeling for their editors after this was sent to them

  4. Just the video to. Watch. Thanks you two.

  5. We do not deserve all this goodness.

  6. I'll be going from Waterford to Tralee over Easter. That will be my second time experiencing the blue hue.

  7. Yay, the daily dose of "All the Stations"!

  8. It's worth respectfully listing the fifteen stations on the rail network that were renamed after the executed Leaders of 1916 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

    Roger Casement (Tralee Casement Station)

    Eamonn Ceannt (Galways Ceannt Station)

    Thomas Clarke (Dundalk Clark Station)

    Con Colbert (Limerick Colbert Station)

    James Connolly (Dublin Connolly Station)

    Edward Daly (Bray Daly Station)

    Sean Heuston (Dublin Heuston Station)

    Thomas Kent (Cork Kent Station)

    Michael Mallin (Dun Laoghaure Mallin Station)

    Padraig and William Pearse (Pearse Station)

    Joseph Plunkett (Waterford Plunkett Station)

    John MacBride (Drogheda MacBride Station)

    Thomas MacDonagh (Kilkenny MacDonagh Station)

    Sean MacDiarmada (Sligi MacDiarmada Station)

    Michael O'Hanrahan (Wexford O'Hanrahan Station)

    Article on Transport for Ireland website: https://www.transportforireland.ie/portraits-and-lives-of-rising-leaders-are-being-brought-to-daily-commuters-by-iarnrod-eireann/

  9. €2.75 for a cupán tae? Jaysis, what a rip off.

    ~~also I'm a heathen who prefers Bewleys, or whatever crap Lidl sells~~

  10. OK, now Geoff is the cutest. 😀

  11. I recently checked out my Irish ancestral history and it appears I have ancestry from mostly County Cork, Kerry, and Donegal. I also have some from Belfast. Can't wait to see you visit those counties

  12. These trains on the west do 100 mph.

  13. 12:51 "Wanting to gain control of Island"… And you were doing so well!

  14. Accidental pun at (13:15) made by Vicki.

  15. They should just use this series for the Irish tourism board, because I really want to go and visit watching this.

  16. A joyous combination of a brilliantly presented and edited stolen moment of this modern world; and a wistful slice of future memory. Thank you again. One of the best fiver's I've ever spent was the one I gave to support this.

  17. Hope you do my home station of derry its a cracking route

  18. So how good is Barry’s Tea ?

  19. I see already that my wife and I have to include Ireland and Wales in our next trip to England and Scotland.


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