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City Circuitry

Everytime i head though the city i can’t help noticing all the little things that slightly changed since i was there last, i’m sure i miss tonnes but everything from new buildings to new drinks on the shelves in shops is changing the face of the city, behind every tiny change is a thousand human decisions you’ll never see. Then i pan my mind back and look at the city as a whole, every little stone was laid by somebody at some stage, there’s more decisions in there than there are cells in your body.

And the mad thing is nobody really controls this progression, yeah i know we have government, laws, planning, etc, but the real feel of a city seems sculpted by the people. Most of us wouldn’t think we’ve changed a thing, but how many of our decisions have effected other ones, so on ad infinitum, a human chaos theory perhaps, continuing to change the face of the city crisp packet by hairstyle by globally influenced cultural change, its all very mind boggling.

So the majority of us don’t see our own impact, or never see it as important to the face of the city, something so much bigger than us. We live 80 years if we have a good run, most established cities in Europe have long since hit the thousand year mark. Made of trillions of ideas, aligned in a working system by our human judgement over generations, these cities are more alive than any of us.

Image published by Desmond Kavanagh on 2008-01-16 13:04:34 and used under Creative Commons license.

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