Africans gangs on mugging rampage terrorised youngsters in north Dublin – Dublin Video

published: 2018-11-06 23:18:27

Up to 100 marauding thugs terrorised youngsters, mugging two young boys and beat up several others during a rampage last week in north Dublin suburbs which was organised on social media.

Multiple incidents occurred over a three-and-a-half hour period on Halloween night last Wednesday in Portmarnock and Malahide while young children were trick-or-treating.

When one brave young pregnant woman spotted them attacking two young boys, she came over to tell them to stop, but they turned on her. One thug shouted ‘I’ll cut the baby out of you and chop it up in front of you.’

Another yob told her ‘you’re just giving us hassle because we’re black’.

The series of terrifying incidents included:

* A boy having his jacket and phone robbed at Malahide Train Station
* Two boys being attacked and one mugged at Portmarnock Village
* Several people complaining that they had had to run after youths demanded their phones
* Another young man whose jeans and runners were stolen by gangs
* A car being surrounded by gang members near Portmarnock beach
* One boy was beat up and had his X Box controller from his backpack, as well as some money and a leap card.
* More thugs surrounded his friend, knocking him to the ground and kicking him as he lay on the ground demanding his phone.

A source told Dublin Live that gangs of youths were from Balbriggan and organised what they call a “posh-bashing” spree in Portmarnock because it doesn’t have a garda station.

Full report on Dublin Live:

Last year, 500 Balbriggan locals protested outside the Garda station over the problem of African gangs terrorising the community.

One local spoke to 98 FM about the constant terror going on:

Footage was captured of a race row in Balbriggan in 2015

FM104 had a phone show about whether it was right that vigilantes were now tacking African gangs after a spate of taxi and delivery driver robberies.

After the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, granting the right of Irish citizenship to anyone born on the island of Ireland, pregnant women from Africa and all over the world started flying in to claim citizenship. There were so many, the maternity hospitals begged the government to do something. In 2004, the government held a referendum on birth-right citizenship in which almost 80% voted against it. 3.3% of 10-14 year olds described themselves as African in the 2016 census.

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  1. Read the description for the info. This video didn't capture much of what went on.

  2. Bring back the Ra most won't like what i say but you better start talking to loyalists up North or you will both be wiped out.

  3. When this "enrichment" starts to impact on nice, leafy suburbs like Malahide and Portmarnock, we can expect to see the liberals who inevitably live in such areas start to turn against their pet immigrants.

  4. deport them animals. country is going in a very bad direction.

  5. Import the Third world, become the Third world, this is just the beginning.

  6. I wonder, had Casey not made comments welcoming foreigners, might he now be sitting in an Aras?

  7. Looks like you need to ask Poles to help you to sort them out! Save your beautiful country!

  8. This shit is only going to get worse. Action needs to be taken

  9. Why are modern day Irish people so racist? Things like all these racist comments in the comments make me really embarrassed and ashamed of being from Ireland. Especially since I was bought up to respect people not disrespect them. I really wish Ireland would get up to speed with the modern world and embrace its diversity.

  10. When you import sub sahara savages thats the behaviour you will get. Ireland 2040 aims to import hundred's of thousands more. Ive never seen so many Africans and Arabs here in Cork, there is a slum developing up in one area of the city,

  11. One thing is certain. RTE will not be covering this type of story . State broadcaster, state mouthpiece.

  12. the ERSI REPORT
    16% of AFRICANS are out of work
    the employment rate was VERY LOW at 45%
    while 66% of Irish nationals were out of work.

    the lead author dr francis mc ginnity said the findings
    were concerning in relation to immigrants from
    the study said Ireland has one of the most diverse
    populations in europe.including france.
    with 17% of people born elsewhere.

    are these lunatics for real.

  13. I don’t even blame them. I blame the Irish that instigate / create this problem for their monetary gain. These are the gombeen men/ traitors to Ireland we should and will hold to account! That lying bastard in lisdoonvarna being top of my list.

  14. Looks like some parts of Dublin are set to become detroit. What do you expect from dindus? You import shit you get shit.

  15. RTÉ is always highlighting the plight of these 3rd world sewer rats.
    Never for once they show the savages running AMOK..
    If this happened in singapore the authorities will round up the violent african savages together with their families and deport them immediately.
    There's no such thing as campaign for signing for petition or campaigning to have the 27th amendment over turned
    If it was the reverse where an african woman was threatened by irish gang that they will slit her belly and chop the foetus into pieces, we can only imagine the frenzy by the press, media, migrant council, Aidan ó Ríordáin, Charlie Flanagan, Boyd Barrett, and most of all RTÉ and the rest of the PC brigade.
    We will never hear the end of how africans are abused racially and physically.
    This is the gratitude you get from these African spongers.
    We have migrant and refugee councils pestering the government on behalf of these wasters.
    A Zimbabwean who came to Ireland ?? after passing through safe countries with 3 of her brood is causing mayhem in clare DP centre.
    Lately dept of justice required all the staff in the clare DP to be retrained after she complained that she was refused a slice of bread and milk for her son who had tummy upset after midnight.
    For a start no mother will give their sick child milk and bread.
    See her child is the only one in Ireland with tummy upset.
    From now on all DP centres have to serve snacks, tea and coffee 24/7.
    The cheek of her enjoying the free food, roof over the head and pocket money and other allowances and still is ungrateful.
    Our homeless who are sleeping rough out on the street don't get this privileges.
    She was also awarded clare woman of the year.
    How easy for a asylum seeker to be bestowed the title wonder why not a Clare native?
    The gullible Irish are played inside out by these bogus and lying African savages
    who are here to

  16. If they jumped on your car and the only safe way of getting out of there was to put the foot on the accelerator, you bet it would make the news then.

  17. In America, Malcolm X was not successful. Just as then, the revolutionary forces will be put down after they are no longer useful. Black people are not being offered the chance to have their own communities and own identity, their identity is being mobilised against the Irish simply to become new cogs in the Moloch machine, because it suits the elites for now. If/when demographics lurch, it will be a few put in charge to put down the poverty stricken populace, much like in their current nations. Not good for them. Disasterous for us. This is diversity, which comes from the same root as "divergence"= things fall apart.

  18. They just prove to everyone here what they are !no one has to call them racist names they fuck it up all by themselves , all they seem to say is ur racist! Who is teaching them to say it maybe they should be teaching them manners respect, gratitude??

  19. its time to stop fcuking about and start rounding these savages up and deporting them. Failing that the people of Ireland need to take matters into their own hands as the police and government no longer works in their interest.

  20. Diversity is our strength lol

  21. the irish attitude to migrants and the eu junta ect is , im all right jack, f..k you. was the same with the water charges, others sitting in the pub drinking beer moaning about water charges but wanting others to do the work of protesting ect. we are still the banana republic, a country with no spine, pathetic.

  22. Lot's of people don't like Halloween. Not because they don't like kids coming round, it's because deep down in the back of their minds they're conscious of the danger.

    Last year in Birmingham (England) we only had a few trick-or-treaters, many had their parents following them around. This year we had only one group of trick-or-treaters the whole evening.

    We can't have nice things anymore, because some big black bastard might rob or stab your kids. This is the reality that everyone is subconsciously aware of; this is why my mom left Birmingham to live in the countryside.

  23. Why did you call those valuable Irish young people ,, African gang,,?

  24. God help Ireland. we have a globalist leader who wants to open our boarders and lead us down the madness of Sweden France Italy etc ! wake up Ireland! defend your boarders and your country !!!☘☘

  25. What are any of you going to actually do about it besides moan and comment? Nothing. Because you Irish are weak and your culture is non existent. Half of you sound American/British anyway and your youth think drinking all the time is normal. Your women dress up as sluts when they're 18 and think its normal to whore themselves out for free to get some attention. Why? Because they seen Americans do it on TV and think its normal. This is new Ireland. This is what your country is becoming. A despot of losers trapped on an island where they complain and moan and DO NOTHING.

  26. these "new irish" have to go back…

  27. Orland, You Tube is deselecting your like button clicks.

  28. feral chimps rampaging through the streets of Ireland,of course hardly a mention in mainstream media,what a surprise!

  29. marxism: they can only be victims. the whites are oppressing them by running away.

  30. Most white people have been brainwashed to believe blacks and whites are equal, but it's not true. Blacks are both lower IQ and more violent genetically. If we mix races with them, the children will be violent and stupid.

  31. Shameful that this has not been reported in the mainstream media. If these thugs don't want to be here then they should be rounded up and sent home.

  32. It would be great if they did this in foxrock or killiney

  33. Deport as soon as a crime is committed by these animals it's going to come to people protecting their own area's as leo and his gang couldn't give a shite about Irish people

  34. In my college (in Dublin) they are now simply referring to all the so-called 'refugees' as migrants. They aren't even bothered with the pretense anymore because anyone who dares to question why so many people are coming into the country (and Europe) is immediately deemed a racist and hateful bigot.

  35. Nothing more i would love to see is the complete annihilation of the African race in Ireland


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