Dublin, Ireland – Dublin Video

Dublin has been transformed in recent years following its economic boom. Easy to get to, and with bars and shops aplenty, Julia couldn’t resist a trip back to her old home town.
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  1. Dublin has to be the most boring and morbid town in the world and people who live there just dont know life or there own self worth its like a prison because almost every bar and food store has arrogant polish security gaurds on them and everyone judges you for simple things like the way you dress act behave walk and talk its SICK get the fuck out and live your life . You cannot express your true self in Dublin because the culture is so extremely different to everywhere.

  2. YES! the vast majority want gay marriage just our asshole government wont fdo anything about it. there is loads of gay pride marches and they always go down well its a very multicultural tolerant city there is a few non educated tramps in poorer areas but if you run into those once u can stick up for yourself youll be fine i doubt you will tho! have fun on your visit!


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